wake with me baby…and take all the time you need


i hear you creeking into my bedroom,
leaving behind m&m’s and potato skins.
and, i confess that if your love feels like this,
i’d drink from you,
a long time,
the same deep water as you,
and it would sustain me more then enuf,
and love me without trying.

you’re little but you share,
wrapping me up like a sushi roll,
your skinny arms surrounding mine.
like real magic
it doesn’t even hurt me to miss you,
this seeing you when i see you,
a prayer for rain that could take more
and still be grateful with less.

so i leave a choice for you.
(leave, the door)
for you.

you were wrong though
about one thing.
you can’t hurt me.
without trying,
you heal me.
this laughing and crying at the same time
from the same mouthful
swallowed in rapture and in weight.
forever this being touched
this making amends,
this re-membering that, i am.

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