Amor Gitano

…Quisiera enamorar
Por el dueno de la vida
Quisiera me enamore
Ore y vente pronto

Quien yo se
Que es tu no sabe donde ir
Por eso que la mano te dare
Hoy llena bien
En tu amor ya se
Que llegar un dia ya puede
Alli puede poner

Sufrir a la verdad
Como nunca, y yo…
Si lo de noche ya me es bueno
A jurarme este alli
La vi en el pasado

Quien yo se
Mira que faz
Un hombre soy enamorar
Otra vez yo te vi
Por la calle
Te voy a buscar
La via, morena
La gitana que yo queria
Te dare senal que no hay miedo
Querer la gitana que yo he querido
Y el amor
Que todo he perdido

La agonia te di tu amor
Si el trove alli el puro corazon
Di mi amor
No te vayas
Es mi vida
Vengo aqui
Yo, serena, angustiado y humilde
De la vida dare
Y el amor
Donde he llegado
Que perdia
Como una amada
La he dejado huir

Si ya la he conocido
Que perdi
Y dare por ella
Los besos que ya te he dado
Te dare
Te quiero el porvenir
Una de las delicias de la vida
Pase alli
Como una “love” gitano
Jamas no llega olvidare
Jamas no olvidare

Lai lo lai lo lai lo, etc.

I want to fall in love
With the master of my life
I want her to fall with me
I prayed for you to come

Who, I know
That it’s you who doesn’t know where to go
That’s why I will dare to give you my hand

If the things of the night are good for me now
Swear that you will be there.
I saw her in the past

Who, I know
I am to fall in love
Again I saw you in the street
I’m going to look for you
The woman whom I love
I will give you a sign that there is no fear
To love.
I have lost everything.

I gave agony to your love
And a pure heart was found there
Tell me my love
Don’t go away
It is my life
I am coming here
I, will give you my life
And the love
Where I have arrived
That I lost
Like a love

Yes, I will give her
The kisses that I have given you
I will give you…
One of the lights of life
I spent there
I will never forget
I will never forget

Lai lo lai lo lai lo, etc.



title or description

this moment

feels like you’re a
a mess, yes
going crazy, yeah.

but what does your soul love?

will be okay
diggin everything
and still here
resisting everything
and still here

cause you’re beauty full
you taste like honey
sticky, sweet, thickish

come go out on it love
you be girling
i be boying

love of my life

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(photos of t.amos)


a different name

Piousness and the path of love
are two different roads.
Love is the fire that burns both belief
and non-belief.
Those who practice Love have neither
religion nor caste.

– Shaikh Abu Saeed Abil Kheir

title or description

I have two ways of loving You:
A selfish one
And another way that is worthy of You.
In my selfish love, I remember You and You alone.
In that other love, You lift the veil
And let me feast my eyes on Your Living Face.

– Rabi´a al-Adawiyya.

I have made You the Companion of my heart.
But my body is available to those who desire its company,
And my body is friendly toward its guest,
But the Beloved of my heart is the guest of my soul.

– Rabi´a al-Adawiyya


transverse unshamed, take it as a souvenir

your toothbrush is resting down the hall
I shut my eyes
entwined in your legs
aware you will be traveling soon.
I find us,
waking up in the dark with
five interwoven parts, persuaded, won over,
seduced, converted, seduced the other way.
in the night praying hands come out of
a wetness on these finger tips,
un-self consciously wandering across your back.
in the night I lay quiet
listening to you speaking in tongues
watching you sleep with me, traveler.
traveling into your dreams
tugging on to kites and hemlines
running through space
where we’re nearing the lighthouse,
I close my eyes
you’re almost at the gate,
I smile, I want to thank you
for this…