from Manou

smoooooooooocchh....michelle is so fine.

“People sometimes have to walk
A great distance

Because of our wisdom, we will travel
Far for love.”



10 thoughts on “from Manou

  1. I like people who like good music
    I was reading your facebook profile today and as I was getting lost in all that is inherently wonderful about you, I clicked on your website. What did I find??? Cassandra Wilson lyrics from New Moon Daughter, a cd which I absolutely adore!!!!! Odd, but it just made me that much happier to know you. I guess it was one of those things that solidifies that I have good taste in friends.
    I don’t know if manou got my message or not, but could you tell her I said thanks for translating that email for me and that YES, I will be prying into to her collection of works by Saul Williams!!!!

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