i don’t care about the dishes or the curtains

Letter to My Husband (although never legally married):

you think you’ve been good to me but you probably have been pretty bad. and you know that. you lie. you aren’t very helpful. you don’t care to know what makes your woman happy or what she thinks or feels.

it’s not even that you are being mean but you just aren’t curious. your wife is mean. she’s always whining about how you never make money or that you don’t fix things around the house she is never happy its never good enough. “she just wants you to be her slave.”

and the truth is that i don’t care about the dishes or the curtains that have never been put up or never once making the bed. i care about how you never listen or only enough to use everything against me. i stop talking and you never start asking. you don’t know major details of my life and you never try to understand. my view of g-d is absurd to you. my view of love is “i don’t get it”. sex is great for 3 months but if you can’t back it up with some meat for my mind to fuck than it’s lame…

when life gets bitter and i get bitter. i lose all the good things i once liked about myself and you liked about me. we become unrecognizable and that is the worst result of ones life. to be uglier than when you came in by many degrees.


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