in every thing i do i take you with me in my heart

i told you a long time ago that i never stop loving someone who enters my body and soul.

little things remind me of you. a face, a movement, hands. and your absence is screaming at me.

i morned you, your face, in my mind when i made love, and my tears the first time i accepted the warm body next to me wasn’t you.

it feels like forever ago but its only been a season or a few days. Before was one thing. And since has been another beautiful thing all together.

I see you from a distance. Don’t be sad, don’t think you have no choice. if i can fight so can you.

Young mind who speaks my language and sees everything and feels even more, who thinks its weakness to cry and cannot tolerate it when i would, called me irresponsible and hurt my feelings, doesn’t want me and doesn’t want me to leave. i can’t win. but it’s okay. i don’t need to win. i love you.


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