you are 2 refugees of love

“you are two refugees of love and of your last relationships. You are programed, maybe him more than you. try to see it from his position. try to understand and find another way to be instead of relying on what you know or have known.”

when my sister talks to me…i wish she would just take my side on things but she makes me think beyond anger. she speaks the truth even when i just want to be hard and slam and shut doors. I have my reasons, I have good reasons but even if i do should i go there?

we are two scarred refugees. when i see things like this…it’s hard to hit. i understand. i know we have all been there. we’re all been crazy insecure and jealous and tripping over ourselves. yes. i have been there too. it’s hard to be generous when you feel like you can’t afford it anymore.

my student said something to me that has stuck. if you can’t trust than you’re in hell and if the last one you’ve been with has changed all the good and innocent ways you are…you’ve changed for the worst. stay as you are. it ain’t stupid.

this is harder than being right.

we are two refugees of love.


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