beautiful love

we hear it all the time…love makes you do crazy things. it’s true. sure but crazy like what though?

does it make you crazy honest, crazy generous, crazy enough to be courageous? it’s more like it makes us do “crazy things” and be crazy insecure, crazy jealous, crazy possessive, and violent. and we can justify it just as long as we put the name of love at the end. we are the same people that say all is fair in love and war as if they were the same thing. and we do the same thing in the same name, we go to war and say that it’s in the name of god. “god is love” and it’s the only scripture in the bible i completely understand.

we have this philosophy that anything is excusable, any insult or disrespectful act is justified because you “love” them and that is as ridiculous as saying that we love women so much and that is why men rape them!? We excuse all accountability and ourselves at the altar of this huge and ridiculous idea of uncontrollable romantic “love” that doesn’t require respect for the other’s body or choices or vision or willingness or inability. Has it come to this that we are not able to control ourselves now!

where did this definition of love come from? I really want to know! and why do we use it so readily to justify ourselves and all our unloving, hateful, selfish, destructive actions?

I have been loved like this and I have loved like this and i don’t want to do this anymore or entertain you as you “love” me like this…there is no place for love when you are married to your ugly ego.


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