i am after all a poor girl in pretty clothes

i see the moon above me sitting on the balcony listening to reggae and looking at the unknown and the wide future ahead of me and thanking g-d all through the night. i feel alive. i wanna dance even though i also miss my baby who is with her father in marrakech.

i am so blessed. i forget how lucky i am that i have a beautiful baby and i am blessed with my brain and i have beautiful friends and enough money to make it every month and occasionally some extra for a dress or chocolate. i am after all a poor girl in pretty clothes. but blessed with everything money can’t get.

how can i ever complain? i am so lucky to be so blessed with so much. may i continue to have courage and strength and energy and love and great sex and a beautiful smart brave baby and good friends and vision and happiness.

i love you David, Shiyara, Laetycia, Orna, Richard, Vanessa, mom, Angie, Tina, Windy, Marie, Younes, Abdelilah, Fatima, Natalie, Tanya, Clara, Tata Renee, Boushara, Mourad, Faithy, Ikram, Astride, Lindsay, uncle Al, Cousin Robert, brother Israel.


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