the Casablanca mob on Blvd Anfa

i turned a wrong corner and walked straight into a mob of football fans yesterday. i couldn’t turn back as there were no streets to turn into and there were too many people to even cut across. It was like an ocean and moving fast. You could only go with it not across it and I found myself walking against it as the only place to walk was in the middle of the road and my house was in the opposite direction of hundreds of boys filling the sidewalks and the street. cars couldn’t even go through. it was like a deserted city. people were hiding out not venturing onto the main streets and I noticed this only after i was well in the street and suddenly saw there were no taxis just hundreds and hundreds of boys. no cars at all. none could have made it down the street. there would have been no room. thus i was in the dead center of the road. as it was the only place left to walk if i didn’t want to brush up on every boy waiting to brush up on me.

foreign girl. in nice clothes. walking by herself. without a jersey for either of the teams. in the center of the street. walking in the opposite direction. while the town folks are in the houses and avoiding at all costs the street. if i hadn’t been so angry and in my own head i would have thought about this better. but i had left the restaurant yelling and fumed down the street checking to see if i had enough money for a taxi. walking straight into a mob. and since i was in. i was in. i wasn’t going to go back. its my character. i would rather go through something then turn back. so that’s what i did.

i know i was a strange sight. i know people didn’t know what to make of me. it was like i was asking to be tested or fought with but i heard less people cat call me at that moment than normal on an average day because they were more taken aback by me being there. after walking a few minutes in this i noticed something change in the boys ahead and around me. i started to hear a roar mounting in them like something was happening. i knew it had something to do with me and i prepared myself for the worst. i heard hoots and hollers…a rumbling that got more and more excited from the all the boys ahead of me & i thought, “okay whose coming up on me now?!” i was preparing for a fight, for someone to touch me or throw something at me or start to harass me. i hardened and readied myself when i heard a voice say in English, “Wow! You have a lot of success!” I turned slightly to see who or what the fuck was speaking to me and i saw Him walking fast catching his breath clearly having run to reach me and seamlessly walking in step with me as if he was ready to go to hell with me but it was a pleasure to go. I was so tense that when he kissed my head, I hit him. The crowd went crazy! He kissed me and my heart began to calm and I smiled at him. Everyone was talking and yelling and chanting for us. He kissed my head again and put his arm around me. I put my head on him laughing now. The boys went wild hooting and yelling from all sides around ahead behind us. He protected me with a kiss and his arm and asked me, “Are you crazy!? Aren’t you afraid to be walking here like this?” I asked, “How did you find me?” He said, “I looked for the light. I saw your light. At first I looked for you everywhere. To the right, to the left. And then I couldn’t believe it! You were out there walking in the middle of the road. Of course I could see you! You were the light.”

He said, “I’m with you.” He didn’t want me to be afraid. He beamed. He was the light.

I never thought you could protect me with a kiss, but he did. By loving me he made a bubble that no one dared touch. I have never been so happy to see him or anyone! It will stay with me all my life. It was a scene out of a another world, he said, “It was a movie.” I dreamt of it that night and I woke with it in the morning. No matter what fight we have I won’t ever forget that feeling. That screaming and noise around us and His kiss.


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