i haven’t watched the news since 9 11

I was two weeks into college when September 11th had me glued to the TV as i watched the planes hit the towers over and over again and just when I thought I couldn’t cry anymore because I had gotten hard to the image then the channel would put up another image from a different angle and i would be weeping again. the whole feeling would break my heart again. I couldn’t watch the news after that and its been nearly ten years.

People ask me if I heard of this or that and on most days I say I don’t know what is going on in the world and I don’t care. And then I hear the stories that make me mad and when I hear about them I thank god I don’t see it on the news because it would make me scream! Like this fucking oil spill by BP near the southern coast of America. I could kill for this I could kill. Why is everyone so calm when they say this spill will be pouring out on the shores all summer! Are they crazy!!? Why are we not protesting this?

I am tuning into the news today, watching CNN and the BBC, breaking my 9 year abstinence from the News to see what this mess is about in Israel and Turkey. It’s so easy to hate Israel because they are a harsh country as they are always on the defensive and feeling unwanted in the region. Normally, yes, those people shouldn’t have been killed. Firstly, even if its within the legal rights of a country its just not a smart PR move. Secondly, if the aim was to damage the image of Israel further then they just played into their opponents hands.

I think Israel overreacted and I think they should have less military reactions and more police and negotiators involved. Police in America disarm people all the time with a lot more. The only reason someone needs to be shot is if they are pointing a gun at you because its just down to you and him and I say that in that moment you should try to save yourself and pull the trigger.

But I am not a politician and this was a political stunt financed by Turkey. I am not a politician. Maybe what is a bad public relations event is exactly what Israel wants. Maybe they want to be seen as a hard and unmoving country like Iran. I mean look now we are speaking to them as we are speaking to China. Perhaps just moving through all the bad Press just gives you an edge in another way.

I can’t say that I am a fan of nations. They are all evil and if anyone says their country is a good country they are lying. People who belong to nations are good but the actually structure of the nation is inhuman. America, Israel, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Morocco…its all bullshit. But The religions and people in them are precious.

I don’t like these heated reactions over Israel because I always feel that its not really politics they are protesting but Jew bashing whether it be from Catholics and Christians who are raised on Jew bashing or Muslims whose origins are Jewish but claim to be descendants of the Prophet and feel an obligation to use “dirty Jew” as much as anyone else. I don’t like this jumping into the streets and Israel bashing because it just sort of feels like underneath it all its coming from other motivations.


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