Robert Montague

It’s been 6 years since I was last in Morocco with Rob. We were both 21 and still in college. He was a skinny young kid with a wide smile. He and Jason were inseparable.

In those months in Rabat my life changed. I fell in love and realized that love wasn’t enough. My dad died. I was still imperfect. I had almost had a breakdown. I was nearly raped twice. I was falling for a man for the first time in my life. Made lifelong friends. Studied with boys for the first time. Walked through streets that felt like with that plane ride I was now living 2000 years ago. I was just 21 and drinking legally at a bar for the first time and the next day I was waking up from the fog in Morocco. Rubbing my eyes wondering what the fuck I had gotten myself into.

We don’t appreciate where we are from. We get lost on our way to our goals. We feel like wayward teenagers when we are in our mid-20s. We are Rob and Michelle in Casablanca again. His smile hasn’t changed. Only his eyes have the wisdom wrinkles peaking through. We are not getting older, we are getting happier. Like Richard said, “You have gotten better.” “Really?” I asked. “You think so. Maybe I have gotten worse. Maybe he won’t recognize me?” No, he reassured me. I had gotten better. Surely.

Seeing you reminds me that somethings will never change and the rest is only for the better.

Have a safe trip. I am waiting to see you again ol’friend.


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