dating the only girl in the world

When you’re dating your goal is to stop. Generally, unless your goal is to mend a broken heart and you’re afraid to get hurt again and then like I did i went through men like socks. That was fun. However, the goal is to find someone worth being with for good so that you don’t have to date anymore. But perhaps we and by we I mean I have stopped dating too soon in the hope of finding the right one.

I stopped dating because I thought I found a good one and got settled a bit. You know that feeling when you just get comfortable in your chair and you start looking for a nice hot cup of tea. Nice and comfortable. So I didn’t think that there might come a moment when I would start to wonder if I had stayed just a bit too long.

My sister said it best, “Time with someone is an investment.” She’s invested 10 years in a man who gets upset when I visit her once a year and doesn’t want to marry and is Perfectly happy to come and get some once a week…I hold my tongue when I want to tell her that I think the son-of-a-bitch should screw himself because I know she loves him. But my sister always has a way of surprising me…she knows his number and she admits to using him for the distance as a way of protection of sorts. She knows herself so I needn’t say more. However, she was right about that idea of time as investment. Every minute you spend with someone is because you want to make something with them and you give to get back that love or good feeling in return. Perhaps you want more concrete returns like marriage or a family. Whatever your desires…it’s time not with someone else but with him, that one.

So I guess what I want to say is that I am taking my money out of the bank and looking to invest it in a place that gives me a return and says thank you for depositing it here, thank you for your business, we’ll take good care of you here. It’s time. I get pickier and pickier so I don’t see myself just dating anyone but I am going to give it an old college try.


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