“Remember, when one door closes another opens. Always.”

“Remember, when one door closes another opens. Always.”

A stranger wrote this to me after i wrote to her to tell her things you can only tell a stranger. someone who will never see you and never speak to you perhaps again but you can confide in her. you can tell her your secrets like a catholic might confess to a priest.

Every choice has his upside as she has her less beautiful angle. If i choose something I lose something else, right? but when you love someone or something, you want to lose the rest, happily. this is how I felt once so i know it’s true.

compounding the choices we make are the silly, ridiculous and highly unpredictable people we are making the choices.

I take myself as an example.

When I was smothered with domination what I needed was freedom. When I had love but the wrong kind, all I wanted was nothingness for a long time. After a lot of fun and nothingness I wanted something real…stability and a  gentle co-existence. After getting some stability measured with a lot of insecurity and emotional distance, I wanted closeness and unity as well as passion and beauty.

It never seems to end, the choices and the mess that we a people so thoroughly make of things.

Do me a favor…send me a prayer that in this life I am blessed with someone I respect and admire who loves me as much as I love him and that it makes us go round that we can’t stop ourselves from dreaming and creating an entire world of light around us. A family ready to die for each other and it doesn’t have to do with blood ties but with a big love. The kind we write about, the kind we marry in secret for, and the kind we step out to catch a bullet for the other.

I want to close a few doors. I want to open some others.


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