Israel Day in NYC

Shiyara and I returned to the same place we were the day before when we went to the Central Park Zoo but this time we went for the Israel Day parade. There were Israeli flags and lots of little kids and police and a festive environment. I got handed every flyer except the dating site for Jewish singles since I was holding on to my daughter. The assumption is I must be married. There were boys doing the prayers with men and in the in between times were dancing to the music from the floats. They were cute. That politician Weiner who had that scandal was in the parade and I over heard some people say, “What?No he’s here in the parade?” Not everyone liked that. I filmed and got Shiyara some ice cream. Shiyara didn’t understand what was going on but danced a lot and finally sort of got it when I explained we had been to Israel together it’s where there is shalom. She instantly got it and started asking for a flag.

It was fun. After the parade we went to visit family 20 minutes out of NYC and returned to Brooklyn. That night I opened facebook and found it particularly interesting that the biggest anti-Semitic nutter from NJ who I have had fights with over his foaming at the mouth ignorance posted that he was also there at the counter protest that got only a handful of people, most of them orthodox extremists with anti-gay signs. (Oh how delightful, so sorry we missed each other.) He bemoaned the lack of “Arab” interest. I don’t know where to begin with that basket case but I was happy for “the lack of interest”.


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