I woke at 4 am this morning to a little puddle of wetness and took my girl and the sheets to the bath.

I made a pot of tea since I quit drinking coffee and watched the sun come up. I look next to me and plan to take my little girl to school as soon as she wakes up in the next few minutes.

I remembered her tell me yesterday, “Never give up! You must Try!” It’s my voice echoing back to me and I smile. We all need to hear those words. We need to give them to our children and we need them even if they come from our children.

Yesterday at the pool party, the hosts little boy of 2 with his blond streaks and tan skin started to cry hysterically around the corner of the house. His mother probably hears this often and had a house full of guests so somewhat exhaustedly said, “Okay enough come on over here please.” We asked what was wrong. Apparently he was traumatized by seeing two cats fighting in front of him. He wouldn’t stop screaming so I left and went to find him. He was naked and his face was streaming with tears, the cats were long gone but he was still transfixed and terrified. I bent down to him not sure if he wanted to be touched. “What happened? Were they bad to each other? Were they fighting?” He calmed down. His wide eyes looking at me breathing in and out. “Bad bad cat. How dare he hurt your friend cat. Bad bad.” He sniffled still unable to talk in sentences at this age but his eyes and gestures say everything. “Do you need a hug? Come let me take you to your mommy.” He took my hand and we walked to mom. He needed a hug and repeated to her over and over one word in Moroccan, “mShisha mShisha”. Cat.

I know how sometimes boys are not given love or affection and they grow up lopsided and in need of love later in life sometimes more than girls. Fathers and some mothers too want their boys to be tough and instead educate them to be ashamed of natural pure and beautiful responses that are vulnerable and compassionate.

I pray we all get the hugs we need today if we didn’t get them before when we should have.


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