Edward Snowden: White Male Shock of Our Lack of Freedom, Something Women Have Known For A Long Time

Reading all the articles about Edward Snowden has made me think that the only one who who was under the impression that America was free was Snowden. It’s not my bubble that is going to burst at the news that America has been regulated by big brother for a long time now. We can’t J-walk let alone let animals walk our streets without seizing them and giving them a week to live. America controls everything from our animals reproductive rights to women’s reproductive rights. Ask any Moroccan what they think of animal neutering and you will get a horrified reaction and told that it’s like taking away the animals’ right to life to bear babies of its own. That idea never dawned on me in America. I was told it was in the best interest of the animal to chop off its balls when in fact it only served our needs to not have it pee on our sofas. Moroccans actually got it right on this one like Judaism got it right for humane and respectful rules in the death of animals unlike the chainsaw-like massacres at slaughter houses all over America that bring animal body parts wrapped to us neatly in plastic away from any contact or gore. Out of sight out of mind like with everything else in America. If we don’t see it, it doesn’t exist. It doesn’t matter if we have more inhumanity than a third world country in fact there is certainly more inhumanity there than in Morocco but because it isn’t seen in front of you it is thus less barbaric and tourists can leave feeling better that they live where they live. That is the American and Western way– denial.

Snowden has just discovered what we as women and minorities have known for a very long time — we aren’t free from the government. It seems to have just dawned on some angry white young males all of a sudden that they aren’t free like they assumed. This is not news to me and I am not suddenly aroused by this little dude.

We as citizens willingly invite the government into our most intimate private matters and then we are shocked that it’s looking at our phone patterns? Partly why I have avoided marriage is that the whole idea of having the government that far up my ass is uncomfortable to me. The whole idea is ridiculous that we would get the government into our private lives and then spend loads of money to ask them permission to separate us. That is already such an absurd invasion of privacy that millions celebrate each year with an expensive party that makes their families happy and puts them in debt. Find me someone who refuses marriage out of a desire to preserve privacy and I will listen to them whine about the government invading their privacy on the phone and the net.

I am not willing to give this spy now turned outraged white male any credit for pointing out the obvious to me.  The prison we are well entrenched in didn’t start today and won’t end until we willingly get off the net and technology all together and out of legal institutions like marriage.

I chose a long time ago to leave the “free world” and I get some freedoms back even as I also lost many others. I get spied on by all sides and am distrusted by every government I enter. I don’t live in a fantasy world that I can exist in technology without leaving traces or be free of hacking or monitoring. It’s a give and take of what you are willing or able to accept. We lost freedom a long long time ago I am not going to give another angry white man credit for informing me of that.


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