Concert for H. Botbol

The concert was amazing. It brought a collection of King’s advisors, Israeli musicians, a crowd of Moroccan Jews and a friendly group of Moroccan Muslims. To my deep surprise at the round table was a man I have come to know as a raging anti-semite that I wrote about once in my blog called “I love Jews But I am an Anti-semite”.

I almost wanted to approach him and ask him why he was here. It’s a Jewish event, we are Jews here. “Why are you here?” But I didn’t. I just greeted him and he nervously felt my ice that he probably was relieved I didn’t transmit to his peers. This was the same man whose face went white when I was introduced as a Jew in his house.

A man stopped me in the mix of running around looking for people to interview. He said he knew me. I was sure he didn’t. He said, “We met in Fes.” Oh we did? I don’t remember but it’s possible. He said we might not have talked but we recognized the other. True. He did look familiar. I asked where he was from. He didn’t answer. “Are you from Israel?” How did you know, he asked. “Where from?” A little city I didn’t recognize. I asked him where his origins were from. He said Yemen. I started to melt. “I love the Yemeni. My boyfriend is…my boyfriend was Yemeni. They are beautiful people.” We started a conversation that continued on and off all night until he said something that made me smile. He said, “You have a light about you. You think with your heart not your head. You understand energy.” I played dumb and tried to exit the concert. He had deep eyes and I was starting to get watery eyes thinking of my former partner in crime with dark hair, balding on top, dark eyelashes, tan skin. Perhaps not everyone would agree but he to me is the most awesome looking dude in my book and from a family of good looking people. I, made my quick exit.


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