Water and other Musings

The coming road trip today promises lake houses and parties with teenagers I will film although probably most of the time they will be high and 10 percent of the time actually talking but my job is to wait it out. The fact that there is a body of water though makes the trip worth while. Water is everything. Unlike other substances, water can be everything. It can be still or violently rapid, it can fall through your fingers and feel lighter than anything or be heavier then can be lifted…it has every characteristic of an angel and a criminal but most of all water is calming to me. Yesterday I left the pool and still hours later I felt lighter and happier all day.

Whether that be surfing or swimming in a corner of the beach that acts like a swimming pool, water lives up to all they say about it and more. Some say it’s delicious because it reminds us of being in the womb. So I proudly march to the womb in the form of a lake house with a group of teenagers.


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