How Men Can Be Allies to Women- AMEN!

This might be too long for most men to read but I put together my 28 top picks from Michael Urbina’s list.


1. Recognize your male privilege that may in fact blind you to others’ experiences and Make a daily effort to acknowledge and then challenge your male privilege.

2. Wall posters and iPhone wallpapers of semi-nude girls…Really? Take em down if you got em.

3. Be conscious of where your eyes wander as a woman walks by. Change that behavior.

4. Stop assuming that random girls like you just because they smile at you and make eye contact.

5. Be aware of how you flirt with a woman.

6. If you’re going to be chivalrous, do it for everyone out of kindness, not just for women or people you think aren’t capable of doing things themselves.

7. Treat women at your workplace with genuine respect

8. Enjoy popular culture with many grains of salt. It is imperative that we recognize the implications of the cultural messages we are receiving that are sexist and demeaning.

9. Listen.

10. Journal daily and reflect on your behaviors, thoughts, ideas, etc.

11. Challenge everyday sexism in your life. Call out your friends on oppressive behaviors, jokes, or comments.

12. Stop telling her you’re “different than other guys.” Don’t speak. Do.

13. Reflect on how you were raised as a boy.

14. Support musicians and artists that do not degrade women in their music and lyrics.

15. Redefine your masculinity in a pro-feminist way.

16. Never seek recognition or affirmation.

17. Recognize that you contribute to women’s oppression by NOT acting.

18. Don’t be the hero, savior, or knight in shining armor.

19. Men aren’t the only ones who have orgasms. Remember that!!!

20. Don’t judge women by their choice of clothing. Appearances should never matter. Promote self-love and healthy body images!

21. Respect “her” culture.

22. Don’t assume she will take your last name if you both agree to marry.

23. Respect confidentiality.

24. Never give up.

25. Hold other men accountable.

26. Learn and use appropriate vocabulary.

27. Speak as if a woman is always listening.

28. Cook with your girlfriend, partner, or spouse.


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