Who Has The Power? Couldn’t we have a win win situation?


My friend sat with me smoking last night asking to recount my day which was spent with the boy who brought over a letter he wrote to his father. I forget that although his parental problems look immediate, they are still more healthy then mine, which are decades removed and still so strongly broken down. Although I should be at peace with my family I am not. It’s embarrassing at best and destructive in total.

My friend asked an interesting question. “So who has the power?”

“Who has the what?” I asked.

“Who has the power? You or him?” He asked.

I was stunned by the idea. It was a good thing I was surprised. I hadn’t been thinking about it. Should I?

I answered him, “I don’t know? Should there be someone with the power?”

“Yes.” He said. As if someone had to be the winner or loser.

Couldn’t we have a win win situation? I thought.

“Are you judging me?” I asked a while later.

“Why do you think that? I would never judge you?”

I am not ruled by who is ruling me and I hope not to think like that anymore.


I am grateful for this time of love and reflection and healing and changes. For the bruises that have led me far away and into more love. I am grateful for the loses that have led to wisdom and childlike discovery. I am falling. And I like this feeling like I love this stupid song.


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