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Drunk E-motions We Will Regret

The summer I returned to New York from my study abroad in Morocco I broke up with my first love. As luck would have it my sister came to live with me in New York that summer and often took my phone away when I would get drunk and want to dial up my ex professing endless love.

“No way, give me the phone. You will not dial that number.” My sister would say to me taking the phone from me as I ran from her in circles in the tiny apartment we shared with four others.

Most of the time she won except for a few times when I got away and in my drunken stupor I called my source of love addiction to say that I was having withdrawals.

The next day with head in hands suffering from a painful hangover and full of regret I would hear my sister say,  “I told you so.”

She would shake her head at me as I did the morning walk of shame to the kitchen in our little Brooklyn apartment.

Luckily back then it was only the telephone.

These days it’s facetime, facebook, whatsapp, BBM, google+, GChat, viper, skype, instagram, and twitter…to name a few but the real list goes on well beyond that.

Trying to avoid contact while detaching from your ex is a superhuman feat  these days with endless possibilities to mess up and after getting drunk it’s exponentially more possible than ever before to drunk contact an ex.

We have all had the phone ring in the middle of night while with a new beau or worse getting a call in the early hours of the morning when you really are sleeping or the worst of all, to actually be the drunk caller professing endless love addiction and insanity.

Oh how I envy the days of the fixed telephone or better yet before technology when it took traveling on donkeys and horses miles to reach an ex that would probably end less than a mile into the desperate adventure by falling off said horse or donkey in an unconscious drunk stupor.

Which brings me to the next question: What is it about alcohol that requires friends and loved ones to reach for our phones due to our insistence to make drunk contact with exes?

To take my case as an example, alcohol makes me believe the world is rosy and all problems forgotten. I feel free in the mythic land of drunkenness and thus in my mind I believe that life is free and beautiful for everyone everywhere

You have got to love alcohol for this reason. It’s a charming little crazy pill that lets you dream and be grandiose in bars and bedrooms across the world.


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