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My Little Girl’s Ability To Send Me Some Truth

My daughter placed her head on my heart tonight as we lay in our pj’s getting ready to fall sleep.

She looked into my eyes listening intently.

Shiyara interrupted my day dream to say, “Its not tired.”

“What’s not tired honey?”

“Your heart is not tired mommy. It’s making music so fast.”

There are so many things we forget as we grow up. We think we have all the answers because we have seen it all before and sometimes lived too much and are jaded. We feel we can’t learn anything new, but another person’s view on life like that of a child can change the way we think.

I do get tired and sometimes I think I can’t do all the things I should. I both underestimate myself and then judge myself but my daughter’s words tonight made me realize a profound truth that I had forgotten.

Whether sleeping or in stress, despite judging myself or thinking I am incapable, despite all the false narratives I have written about myself….the truth is my heart is never tired. It can take it all. The only thing I need to do is remember.


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