Why Lily Allen Got It All Wrong

Thought Catalog

Chances are you’ve seen the video and you’ve listened to the lyrics and you’ve caught on to the clever quips directed towards specific pop culture icons. You understand the parallels and sense the sarcasm and appreciate the overall message Lily Allen is making when she cleans rims and trades balls for tits and has asses shaking by her face.

Too bad she’s only adding to the inequality she so adamantly attempts to defy. With one lyrical string alone, highlighted with enough visual stimulation to kill a horse, Lily Allen reinforces the same debilitating dichotomy she’s parodying.

“Don’t need to shake my ass for you cuz I’ve got a brain.”

This line alone, Lily, doesn’t break that glass ceiling you so beautifully sing about. Emphasizing the ridiculous notion that women can either be smart or sexual, but never both, polarizes the female sex while simultaneously destroying the multiple facets that comprise…

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