Check out minute 13 and again at 32 minutes.

On The Radio Radio Program The Breakfast Club, Kanye West threw out the most racist anti-Semitic phrase equating Jews to money and ruling the world without one person calling his racism out on a show where one of the main themes was racism in America. His racist thinking was accepted and silently affirmed.

As someone who is surrounded by working class and financially struggling Jewish families in Morocco (that’s in Africa) and America, I am offended by the outright ignorance of his comments. Kanye generalizes an entire group of folks and hates on the few Jews who have succeeded with their intellect and talent despite racism, genocide and a history of slavery.

As Kanye West is trying to break down racism in America and speak about ‘haters’ of his success perhaps he can target his own racist belief that “Jews” run the round the world that is as old fashioned and antiquated but no less ugly as the deep seated hate from the Nazi era.

In the show Kanye says he is: “speaking to the future. I am ten years ahead mentality and I am trapped in today’s time.” I certainly hope that he is not representative of the future but as more and more reports come out about the rise of anti-semitism and broad based acceptance of racism like that of racist posters painting the French Justice Minister Christine Taubira as a monkey, perhaps Kanye is right about being the ugly face of racism in the future with the silent approval even from allies.


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